Memorandum of Understanding Signed Print

10 January 2014

One of the objectives of Ethiopian Teachers Associations is to discharge its responsibilities towards improving access to quality education for all citizens. In order to attain this objective, the association has been performing activities such as organizing conference up on which researches made by scholars were discussed and necessary recommendation being made and forwarded to policy makers, organizing different trainings, visiting schools to see as to how the teaching and learning was being conducted, etc.

To do these activities in an organized manner, ETA and Ministry of Education have come to recognize that it is a timely agenda to prepare MoU so that both institutions act according to clearly defined roles and responsibility.

For this purpose memorandum of understanding was first drafted by both parties for comment by stakeholders in order to refine it. Therefore stakeholders including government officials and Civil Society organizations whose contribution was supposed to be magnificent were invited and deliberated on the draft MoU.

After the deliberation was made and agreement was reached the memorandum of understanding (MoU) was signed by both partners to revitalize their commitment.

Hence, the Ethiopian Teachers Association calls upon its regional branches and its members to strengthen the activities they have been doing to full fill their responsibilities. In addition, ETA would like to call up on regional education bureaus and Regional Teachers’ Associations to produce similar but contextual MoU to be focused in their attempt to provide quality education.