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World Teachers’ Day is celebrated every year to commemorate the signing in 1966 of the UNESCO/ILO Recommendation concerning the status of Teachers. October 5 was inaugurated as world Teachers’ Day in 1993. Similarly, now days, the day is celebrated to commemorate the 1997 recommendation concerning Higher Education Teaching Personnel. It is therefore up to us to make aware the recommendations of teachers and the wider public.

Teachers are the keys to achieving the Education for All goals. However provision of quality education is possible only with competent and motivated teachers. Teachers play irreplaceable role in shaping the young generation for the creation of better world, the world without poverty and the world with democratic communities. These days, however, the profession is losing status in many parts of the world. That is why the theme of this year is termed ‘Take a Stand for Teachers; the slogan to request support teachers in order for them to fulfill their responsibilities.
But it must be known that as the society requires teachers fulfill their responsibilities, so should teachers get positive responses to their quest.
It is commonly agreed that teaching is a noble profession; then must attract top graduates. For this to happen better waking conditions must be created and authorities are also expected to work their level best to raise the status of teachers.
ETA has been celebrating World Teachers’ Day in collaboration with Universities. Accordingly, this year’s WTD was celebrated in Bahir Dar University main campus by two days conference organized from 12-13 October 2012. On the conference research papers by scholars who attended from different Universities presented their research papers.
The conference was opened by speech of Mr. Binalf Andualm, Amhara Region Education Bureau head & Depty chief of state.
300 Participants dawn from government offices, Non-government organizations, teachers’ association representatives and teachers were in attendance.


ETA would like to thank our partners specially UNESCO liaison office in Addis Ababa, of course the owner as the day is sometimes called UNESCO day, for its cooperation in contributing finance to organizing the conference every year. ETA would like to thank MOE and VSO Ethiopia for their financial contribution and also DFID for its financial contribution this year for the first time. Finally, ETA would also like to thank Bahir Dar University administration for all their contributions including provision of meeting facilities & logistics.