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Education and Training Congress convenes every year to evaluate the status of successes in the education sector and the challenges faced in the proper implementation the Education & Training Policy. This year the congress was held in the facilitated African union headquarters new building meeting room.

Participants of the 22nd Education & Training Congress were drawn from the Parliament, Prime Minister office Regional Education bureaus, university presidents, teachers’ Association representatives, Student association and development partners.

As usual Ethiopian Teachers
Association presented its annual
report relevant to the Congress on
the activities performed and
challenges faced in attaining ETA’s objectives during the last Ethiopian fiscal year President of ETA, Mr. Yohannes Benti, in his report requested the university presidents to increase the level of participation of teachers’ associations in their respective universities rather than pushing them away as teachers’ voice must be heard in the various decisions being made
At the same time while recalling the cooperation of stakeholders to work together to improve quality of Education, ETA requested working together in the provision of housing for teachers. Finally, represented by its president, ETA assured its commitment to working in collaboration for the successful implementation of Growth and Transformation plan (GTP) of the country.