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The government of Ethiopia has placed a great emphasis on the importance of science education as an essential component for development needs of the society. The country has recognized that the development of the country very much depends on the development of science and technology, and hence on science and mathematics education. Due to this reason, government has recently designed a program through which 70% of the university enrollment would be in science and technology. This scenario has created a unique and challenging situation where by science and mathematics education is put to the spotlight. On the other hand science and mathematics education face numerous challenges that call for immediate improvements because mathematics and science education should be geared towards producing students with the necessary background that would enable them to pursue technical vocational training and /or university education in the country or abroad.

However, despite encouragement at the policy level, there is growing consensus that schools are not adequately prepared for the task of critical thinking about the relationships between instructional practices and student outcomes. Many witnesses have found that teachers working at different levels of a school system have traditional approaches to the process due to the absence of systematic training in a particular approach and other kinds of targeted intervention activities by identifying general patterns of performance, class-grade, and school-wide strengths and weaknesses.

Taken as a whole, the emerging education system needs a comprehensive and purposeful approach to the use of science and mathematics not only informs the practices of individual teachers, but is supported as an essential and strategic part of school –wide improvement strategies.

Realizing the importance of science and technology for development, Ethiopian Teachers Association has designed a project entitled “Making Schools Effective in Providing Science and Mathematics Education”. The project has secured support from Initiative Africa/SIDA which will be implemented for a period of fifteen months. Training will be conducted in four regions namely, Tigray, Amhara, Oromia and Sothern Nations, Nationalities and Peoples’ region. The purpose of the project is to increase availability of new online and print format mathematics and science learning tools for teachers by exploring innovative and academically enriching publications for after school and expanded learning programs, to launch and manage a Mobile learning to Teach Institute of mathematics  and Science for teachers to improve their knowledge and teaching skills and to launch fifteen months TV information campaign aimed at the public, notably teachers, students, parents, the private sector to stimulate interest in science and mathematics disciplines.

Thus, providing supportive teaching materials, launching information resources through web based development, conducting face to face training and producing TV campaign will be carried out in collaboration with content specialists of higher education in sciences and mathematics.