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16 February 2011

A two days awareness creation workshop was held from 11-12 February 2011 on five year (2010/11-2014/15) Growth and Transformation Plan (GTP) of the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia. The workshop was organized by Ethiopian Teachers Association (ETA) in collaboration with Ministry of Education. A total of sixty participants were drawn from University Teachers’ Associations, Regional Education Bereux, and Regional Teachers’ Associations.

Following opening remark made by Mr. Fuad Ibrahim, State Minister of General Education, presentations were made by Mr. Damise Shito, State Minister of Cabinet Affairs in the Prime Minister office on leadership in Ethiopia and by Mr. Temesgen Walelign, director of Development, Plan and Research Directorate, Ministry of Finance and Economic Development on the five year growth and transformation plan.

The presentation on the leadership shaded light on membership recruitment, continuous capacity building, active members participation, responsibility of leadership and monitoring and evaluation for the successes of ones own organization to attain its stated objectives.

Mr. Temesgen, in his presentation on the GTP, discussed that the plan is based on pillar strategies such as


  • Registering fast, sustainable and equitable economic growth,
  • That agriculture continues to be the main source of growth,
  • Enabling the industrial sector play key role in the economic growth,
  • Increasing infrastructure development and ensuring quality,
  • Up lifting social sector development and ensuring quality,
  • Improving good governance and Capacity Building,
  • Cross cutting issues-women & youth, social security, etc., among others.


The plan envisages Base Case and High Case Scenarios for the economic growth alternatives.  In the high case scenario, the plan is to double the economy at the end of the period.

The plan on education, as one of the social sectors, focuses mainly on improving quality. The 70/30 program mix is one which deserves attention. Accordingly, 70% of the secondary school leaver students go for natural science stream while 30% of them join the humanities. This plan is so to have highly trained human power at university level so that they will be employed in industries as it is planned that industry will take leading role over the agriculture sector for the economic development of the country after five years.

Participants on the workshop, inspired by the ambitious plan but which could be done, have agreed to apply their utmost efforts for implementation of the plan in order to share from the economic growth. They were committed to organize events and mobilize the entire citizens through their key channel, the learning institutions-schools, colleges and universities.