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11 March 2010

Ethiopia is a country where many nations and nationalities live together in harmony. It is a country following federal form of government with its estimated population 75 million in 2008 covering 1,104,300 Km2. Ethiopia is a country where the head quarter of African Union Commission is situated.

Ethiopia conducts its 4th general election in May 2010. Reports confirm that 92 national and region political parties are legally registered and most of them are contesting for the leadership.

As all persons have a right to participate in public affairs civil society organizations play an essential role in democratic development through their ability to represent social interests, advocate polices, and provide key services. In view of this, agreement was made among independent legally constituted civil society organizations with the objective of participating in observing the 2010 Ethiopian general election as a domestic non-partisan election observers. At the moment, 10 civil society organizations with more than 14 million members have formed the coalition to deploy 608 long-term observers and 40,006 short-term observers out of the 43,000 polling stations.

Ethiopian Teachers Association (ETA) is elected General Secretary for the coalition. Such a civil society coalition is the first in its kind in Ethiopia.

Such work, no doubt, greatly enhances the transparency of the electoral process and can make a vital contribution to public confidence in the credibility and legitimacy of the election.