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1st March 2009

Ethiopian Teachers Association (ETA), which has more than 270,000 members in 2008, celebrated its 60th year founding anniversary by organizing different events.
On 28th February 2009, Papers which dealt with ETA’s successes & shortcomings during the last 60 years as well as the status of education quality in Ethiopia were presented by professionals.
On the same day, teachers and different organizations received an award prepared for
them by the Association. Accordingly Amhara & Oromia Regional States received their award from the hands of His Excellency Mr. Girma W/Giorgis, President of the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia.

Likewise, His Excellence Mr. Demeke Mekonnen, Minister of Education, handed over gold medal to best achieving teachers selected one each from all the nine Regional states and two city administrations. Moreover, Regional Teachers’ Associations and other relevant organizations were also awarded for their contribution for the successes of the association.
In connection with 60th anniversary, 2916 teachers and relevant ministries have participated in a meeting with His Excellence Prime Minister Meles Zenawi on 29th February 2009.
At the center of the discussion were how to ensure quality of education and request for teachers’ incentives.

Speaking at the meeting, PM Meles said that ensuring quality education takes the efforts of all concerned bodies. In addition He pointed out during the discussion that the government’s plan of transforming the education sector comes into reality if and only if all stakeholders work hard towards the full implementation of the education quality package being introduced shortly.
Shortage of educational materials is also the other problem that could negatively affect the quality of education in this country.
With regard to teachers’ incentives housing problem and salary were among the questions forwarded to the prime Minister. His Excellence Prime Minister has promised to solve the problems and specially recognized the new salary scale submitted by ETA but stressed that His government is paying attention to control the inflation for the present and then the document submitted from the Association will be sent to Federal Civil Service Agency to be used as an input during salary revision.
Other issues such as religious tolerance in schools and university compasses, adult education, disability and gender, among others, were also discussed in the meeting.
The meeting was directly transmitted by television, Radio, Plasma TV, and Video conference. More than 100,000 teachers were reported to have watched TV and attended in group and all others are expected to have followed being at home.
To make the celebration colorful, publications such as brochure and poster were printed and distributed, In addition, documentary film of the activities of ETA during the last 60 Years was also inaugurated.
Such award and celebration continues in all the regions and city administration by organizing similar events.
The Association also appreciated the commitment of the government to ensure quality of education and to solve teachers’ problems.
ETA redoubles its effort to mobilize education personnel in Ethiopia to stand for their right and to work their level best in order to fulfill their duty and responsibility.
Ethiopian Teachers Association is very happy to have brought teachers and education issues on Board.
ETA thanks all stakeholders who have supported in organizing the event