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24 November 2008

The Federal Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission is a federal government body established in 2001 by proclamation No. 235/2001 and later replaced by proclamation No. 433/2005.
One of the objectives of the commission as provided in the revised establishment proclamation 433/2008 is to create an aware society that does not condone or tolerate corruption by promoting ethics and anti- corruption education.
Significant number of teachers who are members of Ethiopian Teachers Association (ETA) are involved in teaching Civic and Ethical education, one of the subjects being thought in Ethiopia Education system which contribute towards creating a generation who stand against corruption.
In order to fight corruption, the participation of mass-based organizations is of paramount importance. In away to realize this, the Federal Ethics and Anti-corruption commission has organized forum for professional organizations in Ethiopia.
The forum has met on 21st Nov 2008 and coalition forum for professional organizations and Federal Ethics and Anti-corruption Commission is organized and Ethiopia Teachers Association (ETA), by Virtue of its largest professionally training members and longest years of establishment, is elected vice chair of the Coalition.
ETA is committed to serve for the position as corruption affects the struggle it makes to defend its member’s rights as well as the struggle ETA makes for provision of quality education.