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20th November 2008

Voluntary Service Overseas (VSO) - Ethiopia has organized study tour for Ethiopian Teachers’ Association and Basic Education Association Ethiopia representatives & for staff of VSO Ethiopia to Tanzania to share experiences in promoting valuing teachers by visiting different organization working on education and Teacher issues form 10th- 14th November 2008.
Members of the study tour were Mr. Belay Adise, VSO-Ethiopia Education programme manager, Ms Julia Lalla- Maharajh VT Advocacy advisor, VSO- Ethiopia (Volunteer), Mr. Awal Nurhussien, Research, Advocacy and Communication Acting Head of Basic Education Association Ethiopia, Mr Yohannes Benti, President of Ethiopian Teachers Association (ETA) and Mr. Anteye Kebede, Vice president of Ethiopian Teachers Association.
The study tour group has visited Tanzanian Education network, Tanzanian Teachers union head quarter and Ilala district in
Dar es Salaam, Hakielimu, Oxfam GB in Tanzania and Aide et Action.
On the 5th Day of the study tour, Advocacy workshop was organized at VSO-Tanzania office. The workshop was facilitated by Julia Lalla-Maharajh & Stephen Nock who is policy and Advocacy advisor of VSO International. The study tour was accompanied by Visit at Museum Village in Dar es Salaam where typical traditional African houses are built.
In every of the organizations visited valuable lessons are learnt. Specifically participants obtained a good knowledge of how the education context in Tanzania and how the different actors are collaborating and operating with in it.
Such a study tour helps to widen scope of thinking and helps in forming net works to achieve objectives.

ETA has gained a lot and would like to thank all the organizations mentioned above for they shared us their experiences without reservation. ETA would also like to thank VSO-Ethiopia specifically and VSO International office in general for their commitment to work with teachers. ETA hopes that the 'valuing Teachers Research' VSO is undertaking pushes forward in creating conducive working conditions for teachers which paves way for providing quality education for the future generation and therefore ETA is committed to collaborate for the success of the advocacy work underway.