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29 April 2008

Every year, the Global Action Week (GAW) is celebrated all over the world. The Global Campaign for Education (GCE) action week is an event organized by Basic Education Association in Ethiopia (BEAE) in collaboration with its partners.
The Global Action Week for this year is from April 21-27 in Ethiopia. The year's message is "Quality Education to End Exclusion" The target groups of the campaign are politicians and policy makers/ officials, donors and the general public.
To make the campaign effective, national coordinating committee was formed. Apart from being member of the national coordinating committee, ETA was selected to be member of workshop organizing sub committee.
As one of the events to be organized to celebrate the Global Action Week, a half day TV talk show was organized by Walta information Center (WIC) and Basic Education Association in Ethiopia on April 22, 2008 to which ETA was invited to contribute its share.
ETA has also been participated in a half day discussion held on 24th of April 2008 at Global hotel.
As stated above, the theme of the year is "Quality Education to End Exclusion". Among the major reasons why certain people are marginalized and therefore not getting quality education are disability, poverty, gender, ethnicity, geographical location (rural people), illiteracy, after school going age, child labor, loss of parents as well as vulnerability of Children.
Ethiopia is one of those countries that showed sharp increase in educational expansion. According to the 2005/06 education statistics report the gross enrolment ratio has reached 91.3%, although the GER of emerging regions like Afar and Somale, when looked in to separately are very much behind the national average. However, the issue of quality is the challenge we have.
Among the problems of the education system as a whole funding inadequacy should be underlined.
Therefore ETA advocates that governmental, non- governmental and international community should increase the volume of financial resource in order to attain EFA goals.