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22 February 2008
National governmental organization (GO) - Non- governmental organizations (NGO) forum is a forum established by organizations who work on or support primary education in Ethiopia. These organizations, being aware of the need for partnership and collaboration in educational interventions for common objectives, established the forum to strengthen their partnership and collaboration in order to jointly contribute for the realization of EFA goals and MDGs in Ethiopia.

Recalling that stake holders hold a meeting on January 31, 2007 at the ministry of education (MOE) come to consensus to establish GO-NGO forum, the forum is established as of February 20, 2008 for unlimited period by member organizations.
The forum is a network which is considered legal through the legality of its member organizations. This GO -NGO forum is one of the networks to which ETA is a member & is willing to contribute its level best for the success of the forum. ETA hops that its regional associations are aware of this issue and play their role in supporting the forum.