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18 February 2008

The corner stone of ETA was laid in February 1949 in a self initiative meeting conducted by not more then 32 teachers in Addis Ababa, capital of Ethiopia- then named "Teacher's Union"

Expanding its duties and responsibilities with the size of its membership increasing dramatically, the Association continued to work in order to attain its objectives until 1993.
The year 1991 marked the overthrow of the military regime and the establishment of the current government. Then provisional committee was established to call for the General Assembly of ETA to discuss on emerging issues due to the introduction of Federalism to Ethiopia. The group represented very few teachers residing in Addis Ababa who separated it self from the provisional committee, ignored the Teachers' Association leaders elected democratically.

The group which alienated itself from the provisional committee alleged that they are those who represent the Ethiopian Teachers Association. It was during this time that the litigation between ETA and the group started in court.

The Associations' Registration Office which is authorized to follow up NGOs and Associations according to Article 468 (2) of the Ethiopian Civil Code recognized the association leaders of ETA, the judgment- holder, who according to the law submits its annual Audit report. However, although the issue of who the leaders of ETA is decided by the General Assembly of the Association , which was confirmed earlier, this group was refused to handover the assets of the association (office at the head quarter).

Since then the litigation was continued, which was a tiresome long legal process. Although the decision made is too late, ETA is very happy and announces to its members and stakeholders that the long legal process is now finalized by the decree made by Federal Supreme Court of the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia held on 07 February 2008 in Addis Ababa.ETA will organize a forum on this issue in the near future.ETA calls up primarily on all teachers and education workers in Ethiopia to join in

Office of ETA at Head Quarter

hands to strengthen activities of
the association to be strong enough to defend teachers' rights and work for the provision of quality education to attain EFA goals.
In addition ETA is willing to cooperate with national and international governmental and non -governmental organizations which share the same vision as Ethiopia Teachers Association.