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18 October 2007

The 20th ETA Ordinary Council meeting was held in Amhara Regional State, Bahir Dar city from 11-15 October 2007. Members of the Council are four representatives from all the nine regional and two city administration Teachers' associations, chairpersons of zonal and special district teachers' associations across the country. After the welcoming address by president of ETA, H.E. Mr. Demeke Mekonnen , Vice President of the Amharic Regional State has made opening speech.

The council has heard reports of executive committee of ETA at head office and that of the Regional Teachers' Associations. The Amhara Regional State Education Bureau head, Mr. Tilaye Gete, has made power point presentation on the achievements so far registered in terms of expansion, provision of quality education, deployment of teachers as well as achievements made in terms of creating conducive working conditions for teachers in the region. The council was motivated by the "Millennium theatrical art group" who presented their nice music play. The council has made thorough discussion of 5 days on various issues such as:
  • Salary of teachers, career structure, incentives.
  • Quality of education- continuous professional development & its implementation
  • Audit report
  • Teacher transfer
  • Ethiopian Millennium
  • Membership fee
  • General Election of ETA leaders at all levels
  • Women's wing activities & gender issues
  • Incentives for association leaders &
  • effect of HIV/AIDS in the education sector among others.

The Fasil Palace

After discussion on these and other issues, the council has passed resolutions and called for the cooperation of stake holders for their implementation. Members have also committed to actively involve in the implementations of the resolutions. The council has also given an assignment to ETA to conduct a study on teachers' salary scale, negotiate with MOE on issues raised during the discussion. It was also stressed that leaders at every level should work strongly to advertise election of ETA leadership which comes once in every four year using various media. The Executive Committee at the head office in Addis Ababa was given a lead to advertise the election including publications like poster.
At the end, participants were invited to visit the historic Fasil Palace located in
Gonder as well as "chis abay" fountain located North from Bahrdar city by the
sponsorship from Government of Amhara Regional State, Amhara Region Education Bureau & Amhara Region Tourism Bureau. At this junction ETA would like to appreciate for what government of Amhara Regional State and Teachers Association of the region did to
make the council's meeting effective.