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08 October 2007

World Teachers' Day (WTD) is an important event celebrated by different activities across the world every year on 5 October to commemorate the signing of the UNESCO/ ILO Recommendation concerning the status of Teachers. ETA has been celebrating this event in collaboration with stake holders.
This years' WTD is special because ETA has planned the launching of panel discussion under the theme, "Bright hope through Quality Education in the New Ethiopian millennium" on this day to be conducted across the nation through out the year. ETA has organized a half day panel discussion at Ghion hotel to commemorate this important event. The panel was organized in collaboration with UNESCO and Ministry of Education (MOE). Participants were drawn from school teachers, Regional Teachers' Associations, Education Bureaus, MOE, and UNESCO, national and international non- governmental organizations.
The theme of the year is "Better working conditions for teachers means better learning condition for learners". As stated earlier, ETA has selected a theme in order to celebrate
the Ethiopian Millennium. Moreover, UNESCO at Addis Ababa and MOE has identified another important issue which would contribute to quality of education i.e. "Just a book for the millennium child ". On this important ceremony president of the Ethiopian Teachers' Association, Mr. Anteye Kebede, welcomed the participants and invited the honor of guest to make an opening speech.
H.E. Mr. Fuad Ibrahim, State Minster for General Education has made opening speech. He underlined that his ministry collaborates with Teachers' Association and stake holders to work on education and teacher issues. In his speech he has pin pointed out that Ministry of Education will do every thing possible to ensure that our teachers are able to work in a supportive environment that enables them to deliver quality education to ALL of our children.
The Joint Message on the occasion of World Teachers' Day was read by Dr. Nureldin satti, Director and representative of UNESCO in Ethiopia. In addition, Mr. Tizazu Asare, planning & Policy Analysis department head at MoE, has delivered message on "Just a book for the Millennium child" who emphasized the importance of quality books for quality education.
Moreover, the following papers were presented on the occasion.

Overview on MOE activities in the areas of Teacher Development, Standards and quality assurance and education quality, by Mr. Yeshitila Mulat, Education programs and Teacher education department head, MOE
Experience sharing about better working conditions for teachers mean for the learners by Patricia Sellik, Country Director, VSO
Three research papers which got small grant from ETA, whose presenters were graduates of Addis Ababa University in July 2007, were presented. The papers were:
Majour factors affecting quality of education: curriculum aspects, by Amanual Eromo,
Teacher labour market analysis : the experiences in Addis Ababa, and Oromia regions by Moges Tufa and
Primary teachers' perception on Education quality issues, by Fekede Tuli
It was very colorful and media people were also participated and popularized the event.