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5 September 2007

National Education Congress is the meeting that convenes every year to evaluate the performance of the annual activities of the education sector in terms of access, equity, participation, quality, etc. in light of the education Sector Development Programe III (August 2005) in particular and the Education and Training Policy (launched in 1994) in general. This year the Congress was held in Benishangul-Gumuz Regional State at Asassa, located 673 km away from Addis Ababa to the western direction from 27-29 August 2007.

The National Education Congress is presided by H.E. Dr. Sintayehu W/Michael, Minister of Education of the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia.

Participants of the meeting were delegates of the Capacity Building Standing Committee of the Federal Parliament, Regional Education Bureau heads, heads of the various departments of the ministry and Regional Education Bureaus, president and vice president of Ethiopian Teachers Association, presidents of the Regional Teachers' Associations and university representatives.

The Ministry, Regional Education Bureaus and the Ethiopian Teachers Association are those which present their annual activity reports to the Congress.

Accordingly, the Ethiopian Teachers Association President, Mr. Anteye Kebede has presented his report on ETA's activities, success, challenges faced in the year and suggested solutions from the point of view of teachers in Ethiopia.
In his report he underlined that although the activities being done to improve quality of education is promising, shortages of educational inputs are still among the issues which need very high attention. He then concluded his report by briefly presenting what his association has planed to carry out next year.