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World Teachers’ Day is celebrated on October 5 all over the world to commemorate the signing in of ILO/UNESCO recommendation concerning the status of teachers which was adopted by intergovernmental conference in 1966. The day is also celebrated to commemorate the 1997 recommendation concerning the status of higher education teaching personnel. This year marks the 10th anniversary of the adoption of the 1997 recommendation concerning the status of higher education teaching personnel.

Ethiopian Teachers Association (ETA), established in 1949, unites teachers and teaching personnel from pre-primary up to university all together with a current membership of more than 480,000. ETA is member of Education International and celebrates the Day by organizing a two days conference in collaboration with universities and stakeholders.

This year’s World Teachers’ Day was celebrated from 13-14 October 2017 in collaboration with Wollega University and Wollega University Teachers’ Association located some 330 Km away from the capital city of the country to the west. Other stakeholders including Ministry of Education, actionaid Ethiopia and Education International have also financially supported for the success of the conference.

On the conference, thirteen out of the fifteen research papers selected and confirmed were presented and discussed proceedings of which will be published soon.


To select the papers, call for papers with prior identified thematic areas were distributed to interested scholars. Some of those thematic areas included:


  • Teachers’ training, recruitment and supply
  • Leadership in education
  • Opportunities and challenges of female teachers in school leadership
  • Factors affecting outcome based training in TVET
  • The role of ICT in promoting quality education
  • The role of higher education institutions to promote quality education
  • Graduate employment opportunities and challenges
  • Education Financing
  • Community engagement in education.


Objectives of the Celebration of the Day were:


  1. To create awareness in the education community of the signing in ILO/UNESCO 1966 recommendation concerning status of Teachers and the 1997 UNESCO Recommendation concerning Higher Education Teaching Personnel.
  2. To celebrate teachers for the good job they are doing in development
  3. To highlight the importance of teacher empowerment in order teach in freedom so as to provide quality education.


Planned activities to be carried out to celebrate the Day were:


  • Steering and coordinating committees established
  • Thematic areas identified and distributed to invited scholars
  • Research abstracts selected by competent professionals
  • Editing and printing the abstracts were made
  • Posters and banners published and therefore stakeholders visibility made.
  • Participants to the conference selected and invited
  • Proper documentation done.


Result and Outcomes of the conference


  • 13 research papers presented on different issues and discussed.
  • Posters, abstracts and banners published and distributed
  • 300 participants attended the conference.
  • Discussions on theme of World Teachers’ Day 2017 made.
  • Advocacy efforts so far made by ETA and its international affiliate, Education International, over the last years in pushing for implementation of the ILO/UNESCO Recommendations made.

Work on progress

  • Proceedings of the conference yet to be published.