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The 27th Annual Council Meeting of Ethiopian Teachers Association (ETA) Held PDF Print E-mail

08 October 2014

The 27th annual council meeting of ETA was held in Mekele from Oct,   1/2014 to Oct 2/2014 in Melano Hotel.

The guest honor Ato Geberzay W/Aregay, head of Tigray

Regional State Educational Bureaus has delivered an opening

speech. In his speech he said that “teachers have had irreplaceable

role in our education system as well as in the transformation plan of Ethiopia. He added that as the government works together with ETA as well as teachers to insure development in Ethiopia with in short time. The government renders its support as it is being requested by ETA leadership. 







On the other hand, Ato Yohannes Benti, president of ETA, Presented the fiscal year report of ETA based on the work and budget plan of the 2006 E.C endorsed by the council earlier.

During the occasion many issues were discussed but some of them were

  1. Education and Training: ETA advocates that children should learn primary education with their mother tongue which is constitutional right and is also in agreement with pedagogical science. The Council discussed that quality education cannot be assured in one night, but it is a process. As a result of this, ETA together with its members reconfirmed that it tirelessly works in collaboration with stakeholders to improve quality of education.
  2. The other key agenda were the issues of horizontal salary increment which is to be expected every two years, un faire salary increment of teachers in TTC (Teacher Training College) and TVET (Technical, vocational and Educational Training) institutions and provision of land for house building for teachers were discussed during the meeting.

Having discussed a lot, Council requested the government revise the status and salary increment of the college teachers.

On the last day of the meeting, Amhara Region Teachers’ Association presented its representative for ETA executive committee membership and was endorsed by the council.

Accordingly, Mr. Shimels Abebe swore in front of the Council where he committed to render faithful and honest services to the association and members in accordance with regulation of the association and the law of the land.

The council appreciated the new salary scale studied for higher Education Academic Staff. In addition, ETA reported that due to the high attrition rate of teachers from the teaching profession, committee was constituted from ETA and Ministry of Education and a study was conducted for implementation. Consequently, the Council requested for the quick implementation of the two studies as teaching is the Mother/Father of all professions.

Ethiopian Teachers Association ppreciated Tigray Regional State President’s office, Regional Education Bureau, Mekele University, Tigray Development Association and others for their unreserved support in providing logistics to the participants.

Lastly, the meeting was ended by having read nine resolutions prepared by committee established for this purpose to be presented to the concerned authorities.

Participant of the council were more than 300 who constituted from the twelve branches of ETA offices including university representatives.