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25 June 2013

Invited by its international affiliate, Education International (EI) which is the largest global teachers union federation, Ethiopian Teachers Association (ETA) has participated in the 102nd international labor conference (ILC) held from 5-20 June 2013 in Genera represented by its president.

The conference has discussed on verities of issues extending from report of the Director General to hearing individual cases of implementations of conventions and recommendations, job creation for the youth, creating better working conditions for citizens in each individual countries, etc.

Worth mentioning are two issues which are very important to ETA. One is the joint ILO/UNESCO committee of experts on the Application of the Recommendations Concerning Teaching Personnel. It is reported that there is a need for more than seven billion teachers if EFA goal is to be attained by 2015. Increasing recruitment on contractual basis, growing gap between teachers remunerations and other employees as well as the current situation of deterioration of life conditions of teachers in some countries was a serious concern addressed by the report.

The other important issue was ILO Global survey on collective bargaining in the public service, a topic that is particularly relevant to teachers. The survey focuses on the application of conventions 151 and 154 and their recommendations which were adopted in 1978 and 1981.
The informative general survey was discussed in the commission on the Application of Standards.
Ethiopian Teachers Association (ETA) welcomes the survey and works with national and international stokeholds including its international affiliate for the way forward.