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January 14, 2013

One of the objectives of Ethiopian Teachers Association (ETA) is to contribute for the Provision of quality education. Among the various programs ETA is running for the success of this objective, the association has a project titled “Making schools effective in providing Science and Mathematics Education” which is supported by Initiative Africa/ SIDA. One of the activities planned to implement this project is producing educational television program with chemistry, physics, biology and mathematics in focus. The program targets students, teachers, families and the wider public with the objectives to address relevant issues misunderstood in the community, to bring science in to home relevant to one’s daily life, to motivate family in order that they encourage their children improve their interest towards these fields.

The program educates all age group by entertaining them. For these purpose university teachers, students, artists, athletes, individuals and other professionals have participated. It is being broad casted on Sunday every morning starting from 7:40 am which is planned to continue for over 7 months.

Broad casting the program supports the 70/30 program mix of training objective being implemented by Ministry of Education where by 70% of the students go for science including engineering and 30% for humanities after secondary schooling.

This activity is also in line with the country’s Growth and Transformation Plan (GTP) to have industry led economic development at the end of the GTP period.

With this opportunity, ETA would like to thank Initiative Africa, which is a local NGO for soliciting fund and Swedish International Development Agency (SIDA) for financially supporting the project.