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Executive Committee/Management
Tadesse Hegena (Vice President)
Tilahun Tarekegn (General Secretary)
Seid Melesse (External & Public Relations)
Tesfaye W/Michael (Education, Training & Research)
Destaye Taddese(Gender Section Head)
Kidus Alemayehu (Audit Committee head)
Support Staff
Ketsela Mulat (Attorney and Legal Adviser)
Araya Lakew (ICT Adviser /Part time)
Etsegenet Bekele (Assistant Finance officer)
Asamanech Gashew (Assistant cashier)
Gediyon Zemedkun (Store & Record officer)
Genet Alemu (Secretary Typist)
Emebet Ashame (Secretary Typist)
Mitiku Wubante (Driver)
Mesfin Shiferaw (Driver)
Yosef Chane (Driver)
Nigatu Tekletsion (Security)
A/s Hiwot Amare (Security)
Biniyam Teshome (Post man)
Diriba Negash (Security)
Birhanu Negash (Security)
Temesilew Tefera (Security)
Amalework Taye (Cleaner)
Alemtsehay Negash(Cleaner)

Yohannes Benti Chokorso became Ethiopian Teachers Association president at the General Congress meeting of the Association held from 18-19 July 2008 in Oromia Regional state at Adama City.
A former high school chemistry teacher in Oromia, he joined his leadership position in the association in Dec. 1996 as a secretary at district level where he has served for three years. Then he was elected chairman of Zonal Teachers’ Association and served for three years and thereafter elected president of the Oromia Region Teachers’ Association where he has further served for three years
before his position for vice presidency at headquarters in June 2004.
Mr. Yohannes Benti is graduated from Addis Ababa University with BSc in Chemistry in July 1993 and with MA in Educational planning and Management in 2005 from the same university. He also holds Bachelor of Laws (LLB) from Alpha University College. He is currently employed in Sebeta Special Needs Education College of Teachers Education in Lecturer status.