Ethiopian Teachers Association
ETA won election for membership in ECOSOCC assembly PDF Print E-mail
02 April 2008

Economic, Social and Cultural Council (ECOSOCC) of the African Union is established guided by the common vision of a united and strong Africa and the need to build partnerships between governments and civil society in order to strengthen cohesion amongst people in such a way that there will be a way through which civil society organizations play their role in the activities of African Union.
The African Union Commission invited Ethiopian Teachers Association to compete for election in the permanent ECOSOCC general assembly and ETA submitted its application on 30 April 2007. The aim of the invitation was to select two CSOs from each member state of the union.
ETA- member of the GO-NGO forum PDF Print E-mail
22 February 2008
National governmental organization (GO) - Non- governmental organizations (NGO) forum is a forum established by organizations who work on or support primary education in Ethiopia. These organizations, being aware of the need for partnership and collaboration in educational interventions for common objectives, established the forum to strengthen their partnership and collaboration in order to jointly contribute for the realization of EFA goals and MDGs in Ethiopia.
The long standing court case finalized PDF Print E-mail
18 February 2008

The corner stone of ETA was laid in February 1949 in a self initiative meeting conducted by not more then 32 teachers in Addis Ababa, capital of Ethiopia- then named "Teacher's Union"

Expanding its duties and responsibilities with the size of its membership increasing dramatically, the Association continued to work in order to attain its objectives until 1993.
The year 1991 marked the overthrow of the military regime and the establishment of the current government. Then provisional committee was established to call for the General Assembly of ETA to discuss on emerging issues due to the introduction of Federalism to Ethiopia. The group represented very few teachers residing in Addis Ababa who separated it self from the provisional committee, ignored the Teachers' Association leaders elected democratically.
ETA general election under way PDF Print E-mail
1st January 2008

ETA has three bodies to govern the association, namely Executive Committee, Central Council and General Congress. This governing bodies occupy leadership positions through election which is held every four year under normal Condition as clearly shown in its regulation chapter 4 Article 15.
This is stressed in the previously 20th Ordinary Council meeting held this year in Bahir Dar. It was underlined that teachers be encouraged so that they elect their leaders who assume leadership positions for the upcoming four years.
The election was planned to be:
ETA's yearly council convened in Bahir Dar. PDF Print E-mail
18 October 2007

The 20th ETA Ordinary Council meeting was held in Amhara Regional State, Bahir Dar city from 11-15 October 2007. Members of the Council are four representatives from all the nine regional and two city administration Teachers' associations, chairpersons of zonal and special district teachers' associations across the country. After the welcoming address by president of ETA, H.E. Mr. Demeke Mekonnen , Vice President of the Amharic Regional State has made opening speech.
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